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Autodesk Platform Services Toolkit Published

I am excited to announce a significant development in data interaction and retrieval processes using Autodesk Platform Services from Autodesk. Today, I am officially releasing the first version of a toolkit designed to facilitate data access, aiming to support AI processes, Data Analysts, LLM, and explore the boundaries where APS may fall short in providing for end-users.

How To Connect Revit With Jupyter Notebook

In today's article, I will share with you an idea about a connectivity tool that opens up countless opportunities related to data analysis, AI, Machine Learning, and much more. That is how to connect Revit with Jupyter Notebook.

How To Export IFC Data To Excel Or CSV

In today's article, I will document how I export data from an IFC file to Excel or CSV. The reason for writing this article is really simple - upon reviewing various instructional materials, I noticed that many people struggle with exporting data from an IFC file to Excel or CSV. But is it really that difficult? Let's explore my approach together.

Increase Your Learning Curve

In this article, I will share with you some insights that have greatly helped me in my journey of learning curve. Despite facing many challenges, I will highlight some points that I have experienced, practiced, and successfully applied to help me accelerate my learning and work more efficiently.

When Software Development Brings Happiness

Software development is a wonderful creative endeavor. Its essence lies not only in creating outstanding products and bringing new value to society but also in being a remarkably enjoyable pursuit for those who have yet to experience it. Today, I will share with you what makes me happy about being involved in software development throughout my journey and becoming a part of this industry.

Why Sometimes I Hate Scrum

In software development, Agile and Scrum are two frequently used methodologies for monitoring progress and team activities. Personally, I have worked extensively with Scrum on numerous projects across different companies and teams. I've come to realize that Scrum doesn't always yield effectiveness. Sometimes, it can even make a team less efficient. This is something I want to share through my reflections on the Scrum process.