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Tech Highlight 03-2024

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Today, I would like to share with you some of the useful technology that I have learned in the past month. I hope it will be useful for you. I'm so interested in the technology that I'm learning and I'm so excited to share it with you. I hope you will be interested in it too.


Bowerbird accelerates C# tool and plug-in development by dynamically compiling C# source files. It scans a directory for .cs files, compiles them into an assembly, and loads them into memory. The assembly is then scanned for public classes implementing IBowerbirdCommand. Editing and saving triggers recompilation and reloading of commands. This approach reduces overhead and speeds up development for Autodesk Revit plug-ins. Bowerbird facilitates experimentation and idea testing without restarting the host application. Inspired by projects like pyRevit and Revit.ScriptCS, it aims to streamline plug-in development. Feedback is appreciated, and contributions are welcomed via the GitHub repository.

I'm so happy because it may be can use to improvement or replace RevitAddInManager in future.

VASA demo from this week's Forma Hackathon

I saw author Håvard Wormdal Høiby posted a lot awesome hackathon project in here ( and really like it. I hope I can learn and explore more from topic. The topic Forma AR it is really interesting.

Generative AI Architectural Patterns

Debmalya Biswas shared a short primer on the 5 most prevalent Generative AI architectural patterns today:

  1. Black-box LLM APIs
  2. Enterprise Apps in LLM App Store
  3. LLMOps — LLM fine-tuning
  4. Retrieval Augmented Generation (hashtag#RAG)
  5. Multi-agent LLM Orchestration

Revizto Field Day

I'm so happy when joined the ReviztoFieldDay. Attending the Field Day in Singapore alongside Chris Mawson, Implementation Service Director (APAC) at Revizto. It was a delightful opportunity to connect with the VietNam team, including Phuc Ho, Hieu Doan, and David Liorente from Atlas Industries, and another team from Australia, New Zealand Aurecon Jacob Hoare ,...

Revizto is power tool for BIM and AEC industry, it is really useful for collaboration and coordination in project.

NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud APIs on Microsoft Azure

NVIDIA's latest announcement at GTC unveils the expansion of NVIDIA Omniverse™ Cloud through APIs, empowering developers to integrate its cutting-edge technologies seamlessly into existing software applications for digital twins and simulation workflows. This move enhances the accessibility and utility of Omniverse across various industries. Notable collaborators such as Ansys, Cadence, Dassault Systèmes, Hexagon, Microsoft, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, and Trimble are among those embracing these APIs, highlighting the widespread adoption and transformative potential of Omniverse in revolutionizing industrial processes. NVIDIA's CEO, Jensen Huang, envisions a future where everything manufactured will have digital twins, underscoring the pivotal role of Omniverse and generative AI in digitizing the heavy industries market, estimated at $50 trillion.

Hackathon HackOMania

It was an amazing experience delivering Generative AI Workshop at HackOMania 2024: Pre-Hackathon Bash! organized by GeeksHacking community. I'm so happy when I met many people have interest in Generative AI, think about news idea and build a team to join the hackathon help create some thing amazing.


VIM bridges the gap between BIM and business intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI. We make it easy for you to export BIM data and create interactive Power BI dashboards. With VIM, including VIM Cloud and VIM Enterprise, professionals in Construction can harness data to its fullest.

This week I have chance to meeting with VIM team and discuss about the future of BIM and AEC industry. I'm so happy when I can learn more about the technology and how it can help BIM improvement dataand visulzie, make data more useful in the future.

NVIDIA NeMo framework on GKE

NVIDIA NeMo is an open-source, end-to-end platform purpose-built for developing custom, enterprise-grade generative AI models. NeMo leverages NVIDIA’s state-of-the-art technology to facilitate a complete workflow from automated distributed data processing to training of large-scale bespoke models and finally, to deploy and serve using infrastructure in Google Cloud. NeMo is also available for enterprise-grade deployments with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

Data extraction with ML and LLM

Sparrow is an innovative open-source solution for efficient data extraction and processing from various documents and images. It seamlessly handles forms, invoices, receipts, and other unstructured data sources. Sparrow stands out with its modular architecture, offering independent services and pipelines all optimized for robust performance. One of the critical functionalities of Sparrow - pluggable architecture. You can easily integrate and run data extraction pipelines using tools and frameworks like LlamaIndex, Haystack, or Unstructured. Sparrow enables local LLM data extraction pipelines through Ollama or Apple MLX. With Sparrow solution you get API, which helps to process and transform your data into structured output, ready to be integrated with custom workflows.

Autocad 2025 Released

Autocad 2025 has been released with many new features and improvements. I'm so happy when I can learn more about the new features and how it can help me in the future.