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How Much Is Enough

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Life is always something very unpredictable, sometimes even inherently so. We work, we share, and we strive our best, but at times, we feel exhausted, lacking motivation, and unsure of what we are doing. This can happen to anyone, anytime, regardless of age, gender, circumstances, or social status.

Sometimes, when looking back at the past, we may feel like we have accomplished a lot, but we can also feel like we haven't achieved anything at all.

So, how much is truly enough?

How To Define Enough

This is a question we often ask ourselves, but it doesn't always have a straightforward answer. Sometimes, we feel like we're never enough, never satisfied with our goals or the efforts we've made, and then we become exhausted.

When it comes to enough, there are many things that can make us feel satisfied:

  • Enough money
  • Enough health
  • Enough love
  • Enough in our careers
  • Enough knowledge
  • Enough time

... and many more.

There are many things we desire, but it's often hard to know how much is truly enough. Enough doesn't mean having everything, but having enough of the most important things, the things we have to go through and spend a lot of time to attain.


Life is never enough, but sometimes, you feeling enough is enough. Don't overly prioritize the unimportant things, focus on the most important ones, the things that bring you happiness and joy.