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When Software Development Brings Happiness

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Software development is a wonderful creative endeavor. Its essence lies not only in creating outstanding products and bringing new value to society but also in being a remarkably enjoyable pursuit for those who have yet to experience it. Today, I will share with you what makes me happy about being involved in software development throughout my journey and becoming a part of this industry.

The essence of software development is not just the value of the software itself, but in my opinion, the core value lies in the joy of its creators.

Helping Yourself and Others

Indeed, when you engage in software development, you inadvertently help both yourself and others. You assist others in minimizing tedious changes with just a few mouse clicks. Software development has made it easier than ever for people to maintain connections. Imagine your life without software, without phones, without the internet. These considerations help you appreciate the value of software and believe that you are doing meaningful work. The natural joy that follows is inevitable.

Problem Solving

Software is created to solve problems. By devising algorithms and combining programming techniques, software is born. Those who create algorithms or find ways to solve a problem before creating new software are called problem solvers. Both easy and challenging problems arise within the realm of software development. Solving these problems is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the job for a programmer, a software developer.


One remarkable aspect of software development is the freedom it entails, coupled with high discipline. You can work from anywhere, at any time. You can work alone or as part of a team. You can work according to your own ideas, not constrained by any rules. It's not like building a car under the assurance of a large company, but rather building a car under your own assurance. This sense of autonomy makes you feel happier and more liberated than ever before. Freedom comes with discipline and responsibility, which is a joyful part of the software development experience.

No Bugs

Having no bugs means there are no errors in the software development process. While this is virtually impossible, if achievable, it would be wonderful. A software without bugs, without issues, without any problems, is a perfect software. However, creating such software is challenging. Beneath thousands of lines of code, algorithms, and commands, bugs are inevitable. But if achievable, bug-free software greatly enhances the credibility and strength of its creators.

Good Colleagues

Having good colleagues is an indispensable part of software development. The majority of our motivation often comes from the people around us. Colleagues are more than just coworkers; they are friends, siblings, mentors, and students. When you have good colleagues, you feel joy in your work. This helps you feel happier and more passionate about your job.

Avoid Implementing Unfavorable Ideas

Ideas that engineers don't want to implement will always be things they don't enjoy. It's not about lacking the ability to execute them, but rather not wanting to do so. There will always be ideas that engineers don't want to pursue. However, it's a part of the job, and they have to do it. This doesn't make them happy, but without those ideas, they wouldn't appreciate the joy of working on other ideas. The reason is simple: When you dislike something, you need to create something to counteract it, and what you dislike becomes the greatest motivation for you to create something new.

Beneficial Technical Guidance

Having someone with excellent technical knowledge to guide you not only brings happiness but also steers you in the right direction. This minimizes your time spent on software development tasks and enhances your skills. It's truly delightful to have good technical support.

A Positive Interview Experience

I have witnessed meaningless and illogical interviews to the extent that it's hard to believe they are interviewing for the current position. The questions are irrelevant and bear little relation to the current or future job. However, when there's a good interview conducted by the interviewer, it helps engineers have a better outlook and attitude towards their work.

Balance Between Work and Life

Software development is not just a challenge; it's also a joy. But it's also about the timing and the moment. It's about the technology you're pursuing and whether you're happy with it. Like any other job, the balance between work and life is crucial.


Software development is not just a challenge; sometimes it's also a source of joy. However, it depends on the circumstances and timing. Whether you find joy in it depends on the approach and technology you pursue. Like any other job, maintaining a balance between work and life is something that professions like software development need to adapt to.