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Tech Highlight 11-2023

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As an update of the bim and tech highlight, I will try to write down some interesting tech news I found in the week. I hope you enjoy it. In this week, I will introduce some news relate to Rhino 8, Dynamo in Forma, AEC Data Model API, People Open BIM, EMARF, GLTF-IO, and Autodesk University 2023...

Rhino 8 Released

Yes, Rhino 8 is released. I am very excited about the new features. You can reference the Rhino 8 Release Notes.

The article by the author '4kk11' on Rhino 8 introduces the new features of Rhino 8.

This is an opportune moment to purchase Rhino 8 at the best discounted price if you are currently using Rhino 7. You can visit the link for more information.

Dotnet Engine

Configure a server, automate deployments, create a database, and host your .NET web applications on Digital Ocean or AWS in 5 minutes.

At the moment, it is in early access. You can register for early access at :

Dynamo In Forma

Autodesk has released Dynamo in Forma Beta, an eagerly awaited extension offering design automation for architects, urban designers, and real estate developers. Forma, an AI-powered platform, aids decision-making in early urban development.

Dynamo Player Beta, an extension within Forma, streamlines automation, providing a user-friendly interface and customizable parameters. It promotes reusability and collaboration by enabling the sharing of automation graphs. To install, users must add the DynamoFormaBeta package to Dynamo and set up the extension in Forma. Despite being in early development, users are encouraged to explore and contribute feedback, marking the beginning of Forma's enhanced automation capabilities.

AEC Data Model API beta

The AEC Data Model API provides the functionality to work directly with data models in the cloud, allowing you to read, write, and extend the data you need without having to build special plug-ins for your desktop authoring tools.

Use the API to browse seamlessly through hubs, projects, folders, files, down to elements and parameters, from anywhere. With simple data model interaction, the API adds efficiency, flexibility, and enhanced collaboration to your architecture, engineering, and construction workflows.

The sample is using the GraphiQL project that makes it really easy to discover the AEC CIM Data API. It also integrates with the Viewer in order contextualize the query results.

People Open BIM

Discover "That Open Platform," a comprehensive resource for creating applications in the AECO sector. It includes the free and open-source "That Open Engine" for common 3D graphics challenges, extensively documented to support your journey. The web-based BIM application, "That Open Editor," utilizes the Engine and community-built tools. Cloud-based services like file storage and user behavior analysis, accessible via tokens through "That Open Services," optimize workflows. Soon, the "That Open Store" will offer a virtual marketplace for integrated tools. Explore freedom in the AECOsystem through the "First Step to Freedom Course." Join us and welcome to the AECOsystem! 👋

I'm still confuse why I'm need create a account before I can read the documentation or anything, because require login at the fist time is not a good experience for me now with Open Source. I hope they can change it in the future.


EMARF introduces the alpha version of "EMARF AI," a novel furniture creation tool utilizing ChatGPT. Accessible to all for a limited time from July 5, 2023, users can input preferences via AI chat, allowing automatic 3D model generation. Breaking free from traditional furniture options, "EMARF AI" enables affordable, easy, and quick custom-made furniture creation, even for those without design skills. The alpha version, available for one month, initially focuses on the "stool" category. Interested individuals can register on the EMARF website to experience the design and creation process firsthand.


glTF-IO exporter for Rhinoceros. Supports: mode-text, mode-binary, binary-draco, materials, and textures.


Rhino Anywhere is a framework that enables high definition streaming of a Rhino Model Viewport to the web. This allows you to reskin and interact with Rhino in any way you desire, whilst still working in the native Rhino Environment. You can create specific command sets for users,


Check link introduce at :

Autodesk University 2023

Join the AU 2023 Design & Make Conference in Las Vegas from November 13-15. This event focuses on the interconnectedness of design and manufacturing through Autodesk's Design and Make Platform. Attendees will discover how to leverage this platform to connect people, processes, and data, unlocking the potential to create anything collaboratively. AU 2023 is a unique opportunity to explore and learn about the latest advancements in design and manufacturing, fostering innovation and collaboration within the Autodesk community.


This is an app that uses tldraw and the gpt-4-vision api to generate html based on a wireframe you draw.

SpeckleCon 2023

Connect! 2021 has evolved into SpeckleCon, a free online conference on November 14-15, 2023, focusing on unlocking data for collaboration, automation, and connectivity in design workflows.