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How To Be A Good Leader

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I've never had the intention of writing about good leaders, especially those in the technology field, or good leaders in general. However, as a tech blogger who shares my insights, it's worth considering what qualities make a good leader. This exploration can also serve as a reference to improve my own leadership skills.

What is a Leader?

Leadership is a concept that holds a higher significance. The very mention of it often elevates individuals, either making them better or worse leaders in some way.

Leadership involves making decisions and providing direction for a group of people, an organization, or a company. Leaders can be individuals or a group of people, and they make decisions on everything from business strategies to human resources, technology, products, marketing, finances, and more.

What Makes a Good Leader

In my personal view, a good leader, in general, needs to be exceptionally capable and possess various qualities to help a team succeed. Success can stem from the products, the people, or even the culture of an organization. A good leader can guide a team toward their goals by making intelligent decisions and providing directions that align with their objectives.

Below are some qualities that, in my opinion, an individual should possess to become a good leader 🫡


Technical or domain-specific skills are among the most crucial abilities for a leader. They need to understand the needs of their team and provide them with the tools required for success. A good leader in programming, for example, should have a strong technical foundation. They should possess skills in programming languages, tools, and technologies relevant to their field. The key distinction between a leader and a manager is that a leader requires domain-specific skills, whereas a manager may not necessarily need them.

Problem Solving

Many emerging developers, while abundant in numbers, often lack problem-solving skills. We encounter various issues in our lives, and a good leader is someone who can tackle these challenges. They have the ability to identify the root causes of a problem and propose innovative solutions. Problem-solving also heavily relies on a leader's experience, and a good leader can resolve issues swiftly and effectively.


Absolutely, verbal communication is considered one of the most essential skills for a leader. They have the ability to communicate effectively with the members of their team. A good leader is capable of listening to others and considering their opinions when making decisions.

Within a team, there are individuals with varying personalities, and a good leader can communicate clearly, enabling them to convey their ideas in a way that others can easily understand. Whether you're a leader or a developer, you need strong communication skills to work efficiently with your team.


Being a leader doesn't mean being a boss. So, a good leader is someone who can work effectively within their team. They have the ability to collaborate efficiently with the members of their team and ensure that everyone shares a common vision. A good leader also has the skill to delegate tasks, helping the team complete tasks more quickly in a shorter amount of time.

Working with a proficient leader offers opportunities for learning. The knowledge and experience of a skilled leader can be swiftly transferred to other team members, and leaders often work as integral team members, blurring the distinction between leadership and team membership.


If there's one thing for certain, good leadership requires the ability to adapt to changes. Technology is constantly evolving, and a good leader is someone who can embrace these changes. They are capable of swiftly learning new technologies and applying them to their work.

Furthermore, rapid learning should be complemented by sharing with team members, enabling them to become more effective in their roles, thus enhancing the collective skills of the entire team. This has a more significant impact than just one person learning and applying it to their work.


An experienced leader serves as an invaluable mentor, offering guidance and support to the members of their team, helping them develop into experts. In the role of a mentor, it's essential to provide specific instructions that enable team members to learn and hone their skills. As a result, team members gain a broader perspective on issues, allowing them to resolve challenges swiftly and effectively.

Project Management

Project management is an integral part of leadership. Setting clear objectives is always the first task in any project. Leaders steer the ship to ensure the team is on the right course and meeting deadlines for the goals they have set.

Moreover, understanding and knowing the strengths of each team member allows for sensible task delegation, enabling them to complete their work quickly and efficiently. When someone excels in their respective areas, it often leads to favorable outcomes for the project.


Making decisions is often one of the most challenging tasks for a leader. At times, decisions can significantly impact the project's quality, and a good leader can make intelligent decisions and provide directions that align with their objectives.

Drama Reduction

There are always conflicts, both internal and external, within a team. A great leader is someone who can minimize these conflicts. They have the ability to swiftly and effectively resolve conflicts, helping their team operate more efficiently.

Conflicts often arise from personality clashes, work attitudes, or even issues related to politics within the organization.


A good leader carefully observes the issues before making decisions. Not everyone has a keen ability to observe, and a good leader can see what others may not. So, at times, it may seem visionary to some, but for a good leader, it's a valuable quality.

But ....

This just is some quality of a good leader, we can't expect a leader have all of them. But we can try to be a good leader by learning and practice/ This is some time I think about leadership, and I hope it will help you select a good leader for your team. It also help you to be a good leader.

A good leader is not someone who can do everything, but someone who can do the right thing.


In this post, we have discussed how to be a good leader. We covered the qualities of a good leader, how to develop leadership skills, and what it takes to lead effectively. We hope that you found this article helpful and that it will help you become a better leader in your own life.

Please note that my blog primarily focuses on technology and rarely offers leadership advice. These are just some thoughts I felt compelled to write down into blog. If you have any ideas to share, please do so. Thank you for reading this article.