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OpenMEP Package Published

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Open MEP

📚 Description

OpenMEP Package also includes a comprehensive library of MEP components, making it easy to select and incorporate the right components into your design.This library includes a wide range of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components, including pipes, fittings, valves, ducts, electrical equipment, and more fully automate your design process in design, maintenance, calculation and analysis,...

I believe that the MEP Package will be a valuable asset to construction professionals looking to streamline the MEP design process and ensure that their projects are completed on time and within budget.

🍴 Installation

The package installer is available on the Open MEP Release. You can install it from there.

  • OpenMEP now Support Revit Version : 2020, 2021, 2022 , 2023
  • OpenMEP now Support Dynamo Version : 2.3, 2.6, 2.12, 2.13 2.16

Read more about Installation

📜 Documentation

🦚 Features

Some features of this package:

  • [x] Fast delivery package for MEP Engineer
  • [x] Easy to use and interactive with Dynamo Revit
  • [x] Easy to collaborate with other engineer
  • [x] Easy to report bug
  • [x] Easy to maintain, support multiple version of Dynamo Revit
  • [x] Easy install, update, uninstall

This package is licensed under the MIT License The MIT License is a permissive open-source software license that allows for the use, modification, and distribution of software, both commercially and non-commercially, with the only requirement being that the original copyright and license notice be included with any distribution. It is a popular choice among developers for its simplicity and permissiveness.

A part of Geometry Display Dependency is licensed under the Miscellany Package

🛟 Issues

Now, I accept all idea and all issue, contribute from all people all the word. You can make suggestions or track and submit bugs via OpenMEP issues. You can submit your own code to the Open MEP project via a Github pull request.

👥 Contributing

I have a lot of ideas for this package, but I don't have enough time to implement them. If you want to contribute, please read guideline

Many Thanks all contributors for this repository. Feel free to contribute! Please refer to the for details.


  • This package use NUnit for test framework.
  • The Revit Test Framework (RTF) allows for remote testing on Revit. RTF creates a journal file for running Revit, specifies a model for it to open, and a specific test or fixture of tests to run. A model can also be specified to open before testing to run several tests with.
  • This package use G-Shark - A free and open-source geometry library designed for computational designers and software developers in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry.

🔓 Open Source Recommend

Some project I recommend for you at Dynamo Open Source

🙋‍♂️ FAQ

Why this package not published on Dynamo Package Manager ?

It not support way I maintain with multiple version and release CI/CD with Dynamo Revit.

Can I use this package with Dynamo Sandbox ?

Just one of part library generic supported with Dynamo Sandbox.

Can I write Python Script with OpenMEP Package ?

Yes, you can write Python Script with OpenMEP Package. You can read more about How To Write Python Script With OpenMEP

What is MEPCurve ?

MEPCurve is a curve object for duct or pipe blend elements, it mean input require Duct or Pipe element.