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CAD And Civil3D Addin Manager

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Usually, when developing and debugging an addin with Autocad or Civil3D API, user has to close & re-open Autocad or Civil3D each time he/she modifies the addin code and wants to re-compile. But with Add-In Manager, user can modify and run the Addin. directly without closing & re-opening Autocad or Civil3D again and again.This is a next branch from Revit Addin Manager to support multiple platform API for developer. With current technology, you can use Hot Reload to speed it up.But try this project it will be faster with any Addin.

Some feature include:

  • Add-in manager
    • AddInManager Manual : Use for normal process load/unload addin
    • AddInManager Faceless : use for load last process before addin without UI
  • Allow user know whether plugin can load successfully or not.

Add-In Manager


  • [x] AddInManagerManual
  • [x] AddInManagerFaceless


Please follow last release at section Release

Support Autocad or Civil3D Version : 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023.


You can visit to wiki and read document or access by this link.


Originally implemented by ChuongHo with platform WPF and add more feature to fit with the progressive development of modern technology. His focus is to work smarter and achieve the most effective practices to enhance data utilization and digital collaboration among AEC parties.


This sample is licensed under the terms of the MIT License. Please see the file for full details.


Add-In Manager is an open-source project and would be nothing without its community. You can make suggestions or track and submit bugs via Github issues. You can submit your own code to the Add-In Manager project via a Github pull request .

Many Thanks all contributors for this repository. Feel free to contribute! Please refer to the for details.


Thanks to JetBrains for providing licenses for Rider and dotUltimate tools, which both make open-source development a real pleasure!


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